Five Free Tickets To RICON West Available
Posted on Aug 5, 2013

We're putting up five free tickets to RICON West. If you want one, here's what you can do: write a sample app leveraging either 1) Counters or 2) Distributed Search with Yokozuna; or write a packaging/deployment tool with 3) BOSH, 4) Packer templates, or 5) some additions to our Chef cookbook. Our favorite implementation of each will win a ticket. If this interests you, read on.

For each of the five categories, here's what you'll need to deliver to get yourself in the running:

  1. Working code posted somewhere public
  2. A write-up (blog post or something similar) talking about the code and telling people how to use it.

Remember, this is a competition, so make your code and write-up sparkle.

When you're done, let us know by email at [email protected]. (You can also use this address for any and all questions about the contest.) The deadline for entries is midnight Pacific on August 19th. We'll choose the best entry from each category. Regardless, all entries will be getting Riak swag and a discount code for RICON West registration. And if you have technical questions, the Riak Mailing List and #riak on Freenode are the best places to start.

Happy hacking and see you at RICON West.

Adron and the Basho Team


Riak 1.4 shipped with Distributed Counters. This is our first datatype and gives developers the ability to build features like Facebook's Like button or Hackers News votes. Build us an app that makes use of Riak's counters. In addition to the blog post above, take a look at the Riak Counters Cookbook and HTTP counters docs for examples on how to use them.

Yokozuna and Distributed Search

The next release of Riak will feature new search functionality via Yokozuna (though that name is subject to change). This gives developers the complete distributed Solr API while not requiring them to run a separate search cluster. Basho hacker Ryan Zezeski has given a few talks on Yokozuna that are worth watching for inspiration. If you're impatient, head right to the Getting Started section of the docs to dive right in.

Deploying Riak with BOSH/Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry is the PaaS from the crew over at Pivotal. They've got a tool called BOSH that's used for deploying services. We want a BOSH package that can be used to deploy multiple Riak nodes to Cloud Foundry environments. Start here if you're not familiar with CF and BOSH.

Riak and Riak CS AWS Templates for Packer

Packer is the latest piece of software from Mitchell Hashimoto and the team over at HashiCorp. It a powerful tool for creating machine images for all sorts of platforms. Hector kicked off the initial work on some templates but they are far from finished. That's where you come in.

Testing Riak on SmartOS and OmniOS with Chef

We want to make deploying Riak on SmartOS and OmniOS easier. Add either platform to the Test Kitchen suite within our official Riak and Riak CS Chef cookbooks and make sure the tests pass.