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Conference promotion features through Youtube

If you want to promote your events online then Youtube should be your go-to social media platform for attracting visitors. According to these statistics, people watch over 150 million hours of Youtube clips every day. Unless you are using YoutubeGrow to ensure a decent part of this audience is tuning in to your videos, you will need to use an effective promotional strategy to attract them. Here is one that could help you out!


Whether you are trying to promote a conference, a trade show or any type of public event, you need to know how to attract the interest of your viewers and potential subscribers. Their immediate response to your promotional videos will signal the success that your real-life event will eventually have.

Unless you can add a few cute cats in your clip to keep the viewer's attention, you will need to elicit an emotional response from the first few seconds of the video. Consider the initial frames of your promotional content as the hook that catches the viewer's interest. Try to respond to essential questions from the very beginning, and keep the viewer's interest locked in before teasing the answers.


The questions that enhance the viewer's attention should also trigger reactions like "This event is worth watching" or "I must attend this conference!"

In this regard, you have to use all the conference promotion features that Youtube offers to advertise your event long before it even starts. Use the time that precedes the event to create high-quality content, which you later upload and thus maintain the viewer's interest.

Invite people to subscribe to your channel and offer them sneak previews of the conference or the event that you are promoting. Make them feel that the time and attention which they dedicate to your channel is worthwhile.


Promoting an event never ends, and you can continue doing it while it is taking place. Live streaming is a highly effective way of attracting views and impressions for your videos and new subscribers for your channel. First-time viewers can get a live impression of what you are advertising and all the possible answers to the questions you put in the other videos before.

Youtube users and people in general act impulsively from the fear of missing out. You can offer sign-ups for the event that is currently running to viewers who are just finding out about your conference.

If you already have a large audience, you have a great chance of adding even more viewers. This is where the paid Youtube subscribers make a difference since they enhance your live following and create the impression to other users that they might be missing out on something if they do not tune in as well.


The live event or conference may have already ended, but that doesn't mean that your promotion job is over. You can still capitalize on the success of the event by attracting new viewers and potential subscribers to your channel.

In the aftermath of the event, you can post video montages, time-lapse clips and reaction videos that summarize the atmosphere of the event. You can even ask for video testimonials from the attendees and mash them up in short clips to offer a clear image of the impact that the conference had on the people who attended it.

Last, but not least, ask the speakers and the attendees of your event to share your videos on their channels and other social media accounts to raise awareness and enhance your audience.

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