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Conference promotion of the conference channel on Instagram

Conference promotion of the conference channel on Instagram

By reeling in over 500 million users every day, Instagram is quickly developing into a viable promotional platform for businesses every day.

The social media app that is nearing its 9th anniversary is openly aware of its popularity and provides several tools for entrepreneurs to leverage their projects. One of them is the option to promote business events such as conferences, luncheons or trade shows through your Instagram channel.

Whether you want to ensure a full-capacity audience for your event or simply to raise brand awareness, you can use these conference promotion tips of the conference channel on Instagram:


It is a good idea to start advertising your business event long before it takes place. Even if the conference you are setting up is barely in its early stages, you should release teasers about the project, the speakers or the guests that will attend it.

The idea is to be ever-present in your followers' feeds and remind them as often as possible that you are about to host an event that might interest them. In this regard, you should create a special hashtag for the event and use it on all the posts that are relevant to the conference. Make sure that it is catchy and entertaining so that new users who have not heard of your business so far will be curious to find out more about your project.

If you also have a special section on your website about the conference, you should include a link to it on your profile bio page. Additionally, you can try marketing techniques such as:


On the day of the event, you have to take out your entire arsenal of marketing weapons and promotional gimmicks. You have already built suspense and interest in the conference, so now it is time to live up to the expectations.

Fortunately, Instagram makes it fairly easy for anyone to promote a successful conference on the platform. Tools like Instagram Stories enable you to give short previews, live insights and memorable moments from the event as they happen.

Additionally, you can start a live streaming session of the conference and increase your online audience to build brand awareness and develop a loyal following. People who have not made it to the event can attend it online and even comment about the topics that you discuss during the conference. You can even have a small Q&A section of your program dedicated to your Instagram followers where you address their queries exclusively.


The live event may have just ended, but your promotional tasks do not end there. Instagram users love to see behind-the-scenes images, short summaries of the conference or interesting highlights of it.

During the next few hours and days that follow the event, you should post almost exclusively about the conference. Use image posts, short videos and even captions from the other attendees to create a comprehensive image of what went on during the conference.

Again, using Instagram Stories is essential for this stage of conference promotion. Use this tool to release never-before-seen footage from the events, the comments of Instagram users who were commenting during the event and the reactions of the guests who spoke at the conference.

The reviews that you get from the attendees will impact on the success of future conferences. Their comments can show you where you need to improve and the aspects that you can leave out to make the next event even more interesting.

Promoting your first conference on Instagram is not easy, but it is not rocket science either. You will most probably do a good job if you use all the incredible tools that Instagram has to offer. Additionally, you may buy active Instagram followers before advertising the event to make sure that you get your message across to as many people as possible.

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