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How to Attract Ticket Sales on Instagram for Business Conference

Did you know that you can increase ticket sales through browsing and internet channels? Instagram presents one of the biggest platforms for you to create awareness for your business conference. In this post, we’ll discuss ways through which you can attract ticket sales on Instagram and market your business event.

Now, a business conference may create the picture of a corporate program. But that doesn’t replace the idea that most events are social. Thus, to get the best of the social dimension in your marketing, take advantage of the opportunities on Instagram.

At SocialBoss, we understand the twists and turns that come with attracting ticket sales on Instagram. Hence, by partnering with us, you can connect with your audience and increase the number of your attendees.

Vitals Steps to Attract Ticket Sales on Instagram

1. Offer Ticket Discounts

People love promos. Discounts go a long way in raising the interest of previously indifferent people toward a product, service or event. With this background, it becomes really important for you to encourage your known attendees to invite their friends to your business conference.

When attendees leverage the social sharing option and announce your event on their own social network pages, more people get informed. And because they’d want to hang out with their friends, these new attendees will buy your ticket.

The bottom line: encourage your attendees to take up social sharing and offer them ticket discounts.

2. Leverage Photo Mentioning

Another remarkable way to attract ticket sales on Instagram is mentioning. When your brand mentions your Instagram followers, they get excited. The result? They tell their friends or other Instagrammers about it and everyone becomes interested in your business conference.

The trick to achieving this on Instagram is through re-sharing the photos and posts uploaded by your attendees. It makes them feel special; thus, it’s the pathway to promoting your event. Best part – mentioning is natural and easy.

3. Use Eventbrite

When planning a business conference, your Instagram account ideally should have the link to your event website. This URL is crucial in getting people to attend your event. However, Eventbrite makes it easier and more effective.

How do you achieve this? Add the “Get Tickets” button to your business account. Below are the steps involved:

The essence of this call-to-action is that you reduce the stress which people have to go through to buy your tickets. When you have a link that takes them directly to Eventbrite, they buy their tickets without any hitches or delay.

So, this Instagram partnership with Eventbrite transforms interest into action. Plus, it allows you to track your ticket sales on Instagram effortlessly.

4. Share Promotional Videos Using Instagram Stories

With Instagram Stories, you can share videos about your business conference, apart from sharing photos. When people see a live stream of what’s forthcoming, they’re likely to find a reason within themselves to attend your event.

Live streaming naturally grabs the attention of your followers and audience. Don’t forget to send an invitation and refer them to the ticket purchase link.

Wrapping Up

In this post, we’ve discussed four major ways to attract ticket sales for your business conference. Of course, this is no small event. And this is why you should use Instagram features and partnerships like Eventbrite to produce the results you eagerly desire.

Are you interested in attracting and increasing ticket sales for you next business event? Contact SocialBoss now!

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