Why Distributed Systems Matter
Posted on Feb 10, 2013

All things are distributed.

From multi-core CPUs, to the ATM network you used last weekend, to the massively scalable distributed databases behind Amazon, Facebook, and Google: distributed systems are transparently pervasive.

This is the way forward, the only way to achieve better performance, better scalability, better robustness.

The science and engineering around these distributed systems is rapidly evolving, and RICON was created as an industry forum for ideas both new and old, for veterans to share war stories and explorers to shine a light on the paths ahead. If you want to be better at your job, if you can help others be better at theirs, RICON is the place to be.

At Basho, we are building systems inspired by the research of intellectual giants like Leslie Lamport and Eric Brewer, the shared wisdom of industry pioneers like Amazon, and the accumulated knowledge of our community, our partners, and our customers. RICON is an expression of the debt we owe to our fellow wayfarers on this grand adventure, and of our desire to contribute to the great conversations of our time.