RICON East Opening Keynote and Lightning Talks
Posted on Apr 16, 2013

RICON was created to provide a forum for discussing the state of distributed systems. The science and engineering around distributed systems is rapidly evolving and RICON stands as a reflection of the collective choices we've made, systems we've deployed, and hurdles we've overcome. Not all of our choices were correct, and not all of our systems meet all expectations.

The content of the talks at RICON East will be highly technical, and the knowledge you take with you should affect the way you approach problems several months later. On May 13 - 14 we hope to challenge and inspire you to think about the future, and how we can aspire to build systems that achieve better performance, better scalability, better robustness.

Opening Keynote

In February we announced that Dr. Margo Seltzer would deliver the opening keynote presentation at RICON East. Dr. Seltzer's talk, Automatically Scalable Computation, discusses the current limitations of distributed computation and, based off research being conducted at Harvard, offers one potential solution.

Lightning Talks

We'll be holding lightning talks on Monday night from approximately 5:00-6:00. These will be short (5-10 minute) presentations by you, the attendees. This is great opportunity to get the word out about some new code you're working on, a new service you're building, or new beer you're brewing. Most importantly, this is a chance to contribute to the discussion. Please email [email protected] with a proposed title and abstract. (Keep in mind that slots are limited and if there are more submissions than we can accommodate, not everyone will make the cut.)

Here are half of last year's lightning talks to get you excited.


A few tickets for RICON East are still available. If you want to be better at your job, if you can help others be better at theirs, RICON is the place to be.

Thanks for being a part of RICON,

The Basho Team