Google Joins RICON West as Headline Sponsor
Posted on Aug 1, 2013

Distributed systems are a hotbed of research and development thanks to the ubiquity of the world wide web. Few companies have driven, benefited from, and mastered this space quite like Google. Basho is pleased to announce that Google is sponsoring the premier distributed systems conference for bringing together academics and industry practitioners, RICON West.


Distributed systems are powering many of the services billions of internet users log into everyday. The scale of these systems are often vast, spanning data centers and continents, but this is just the beginning.

RICON West and Google were previously partners in another sense: a few months ago we asked Google Fellow Jeff Dean, contributor to many of the key ideas that underlie today's NoSQL and distributed systems technologies, to be our closing keynote. We were elated when he agreed to come onboard.

Join us in San Francisco this October as we continue to expand the boundaries of what's possible.

For anyone interested in participating in RICON West alongside Google and our other sponsors, email [email protected] or take a look at the official prospectus.

John Daily